NJR Open School is an education initiative by Techno India NJR, Udaipur to make students aware and make them work on the latest trending technology during there school and college days along with hands-on session.Techno India NJR Institute of Technology at Udaipur, Rajasthan has earned a reputation as an institute that offers much more to its students than what is stipulated by the university. This is done with the purpose of making learning more exciting for the students, giving them hands on experience on projects in contemporary areas of knowledge and enhancing their employability. Our students are known to take up the best of online courses to enhance their understanding of complex subjects. It is, therefore, no wonder that students of Techno India NJR have made a mark for themselves at many leading Indian & multinational companies besides excelling at various hackathons & coding competitions.
The laboratories at Techno India NJR have been built to provide students with ample opportunities to go beyond the call of university curriculum and experiment with the latest in their fields. Techno India NJR has set up a new Hi Tech Virtual & Augmented Reality Lab at its campus in Udaipur in partnership with World’s largest Virtual Reality company Eon Reality of USA. Eon labs are already operational in many famous universities around the globe and this is Eon’s first project in India. The Virtual & Augmented reality market that was at 6.1 Billion USD in 2016 is expected to go to 215 Billion USD by 2021, a compounded annual growth rate of above 100%. Similarly, Robotics is another area that has enthused students at Techno India NJR in a big way. Considering that artificial Intelligence is likely to provide high quality jobs in the near future Techno India NJR has imported Humanoid (Human like robot), Nao from France. CS/IT/EC students will learn programming Nao to enable it perform different activities and take instructions in multiple languages.